Furan Mortar

Furan Mortar

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Acron is chemical setting Furan that is based on chemical resistant mortar a perfect blend of Powder and Liquid, when blended in proper ratio from workable mortar which after setting & curing provide of liquid and give black extremely cross connected composites.

Acron when fixed and cured is resistant to extremely corrosive alkalies, acids, and to powerful organic solvents like Aromatic, Chlorinated and ketones solvents. It has high resistant to alkalies & acidic, Salts, Detergents and Greases. It resists to Organic as well as Inorganic acids at its boiling temperature. It is suited to mild chlorine Gas (dry) phosphorous trichloride, and pyredine at room temp.

This type of mortar is mainly helpful where resistance to blended media like organic solvents and aqueous acids / alkalies is required in chemical planting system as well as waste streams. Carbon filled Acron moto is used against corrosive effect of hydrofluoric acid & its salts.

Acron Furan Mortar is attacked however by powerful oxidizing media like such as Peroxides or Hypochlorites and Nitric acid. It does not resist to Aqua-resia, Aniline, Bromine water chlorinedioxide water solution, Chlorine Gas Wet or Chlorine water, Hydrobromic acid, Chromic acid, Sulphur trioxide wet and Perchloric acid as well.

The offered Acron Furan Mortar prepared and cured for 1 week shall satisfy the needs of I.S. 4832 Part- II. Physical properties of such chemical based mortar are as under :


I.S. Requirement

Tex - Sell Test Result


Working time min at 27oC + 2 oC

20 mins

35 mins


Compressive strength More than

350 Kgs / cm2

500 Kgs / cm2


Flexual strength more than

75 Kgs / cm2

110 Kgs / cm2


Absorption less than

1% by weight

1% by weight


Bond strength more than
(when mortar is used for bonding ceramic unglazed Vitreous A.R. Tiles 200 mm x 100 mm having the depth of groves on the underside 3 mm)

10 Kgs/ cm2

10 Kgs/ cm2



1.5 to 1.7

1.7 gm / c.c.


Acron Furan Mortar is made up of Acron solution & Acron powder. The average blending proportion necessary to get mortar with fine working consistency is 1st part by weight Acron Solution and 3rd part by weight Acron powder.

The proportion will change slightly depending on temperature as well as working conditions.

Stir the Acron liquid completely prior to use. Place liquid in an appropriate shallow blending pan. Add Acron powder by weight in the solution blend rapidly and thoroughly until all lumps are scattered and the mortar is perfectly homogeneous.

Scatter the mortar in a thin layer, not more than 3/4 inches thick, to destroy the reaction's heat and lengthen the operational life.

Batch dimension can be varied depending upon the speed and the temperature with which the masons are serving. Very broad batches will become hard quite rapidly.

Assure all the pan before another batch is utilized from the pan before another batch is blended.

When operating at temp. above 40oC, very small batches not over 2 Kilograms, should be made.

The liquid should be kept warm when working at temp. below 15oC


Furan Mortar is used globally for setting beds for Acid proof bricks or tiles lining for Chemical Tanks / Vessels exposed to extremely corrosive media, mainly concentrated alkalies / acids, oils & solvents and so on. It is successfully utilized for the repair of Glass lined equipment reactors. Also, this is incorporated for laying Acid resistant Tiles / Bricks on Concrete / RCC Floor. Foundations, and drain when protection against Flouride salts, Hydrofloric acid or hot concentrated alkalies is required carbon filled powder shall be utilized for laying Carbon bricks.

It is an ideal mortar for pointing the acid resistant Bricks / Madana stone / Tiles which are bedded with Silicate kind mortar. The offered mortar is used for connecting chemical proof ceramic pipes.

One more usage of such chemical based mortar is as a premium rust proof binder for FRP required to lay as inter-liner replacing other kind of inter-liner like Rubber, and Bitumen Mastic which are not perfect against corrosive chemicals containing solvents & oils.

Other key features:

  • Cleaning of Tools: Hands & tools should be cleaned before such mortar starts up to set.
  • Packing Sizes: It is available in the different containers like 25 kgs Acron Powder packed in bag and 25 kgs drum of Acron Liquid 
  • Storage: Store Acron liquid & powder at low temp. in the actual unopened containers until prepared for use. Acron delivered in hot season shall be low setting if utilized in cold season and vice versa.

The information of this mortar is totally based on our current state of knowledge and is intended to bring forward common guide line. Before using our offered product, it shall be needed to get our confirmation for guaranteed work.